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SALM addresses through the perspective of the reduction of youth unemployment a very complex and  priority area: that of anticipation of skill needs, the existing mismatches,  attractiveness of education and training system, the adaptation of this system to labour market needs/ organizations needs, the awareness of the young people about the competences needs in labour market and the importance of the qualification frameworks to the recognition and validation of prior learning and competences certification. 

 The reduction of unemployment rate of young people is one of the most relevant issue to the success of social inclusion of young people through the integration into labour market and in society in general where the lifelong learning approach plays a crucial role.

 In this sense the project addresses a number of innovative models and approaches that have been developed in the field of fighting youth unemployment, mainly focusing on knowledge, skills and competences adequate to the employers needs and in the framework of the national qualification systems. 

 In fact, the project is based on a systemic approach, at both the level of learning processes concerning Knowledge, skills and competences considering the national qualification framework and of the organizations needs according to the specificities of both sectors. The approach will involve differentiated stakeholders through the methodology adopted, case studies, focus groups, good practices and awareness actions in the development of the innovation and designing public/private cooperation in defining the long-term sustainability strategy concerning the reduction of skills mismatches in two sectors.

In that respect the projects has a strong focus on ensuring that those who are affected by youth unemployment  do not suffer the side-effect of increased marginalisation on the job market and in society  with a contribution to the economic development and a reduction of poverty.


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