Servicii Sociale

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   The young people unemployed will be systematically reached by means of a structured activity carried out by the consortium to identify, characterize and to find pathways to involve them in the development of the outputs and in dissemination and exploitation activities.

   The SALM target group and stakeholders will be reached both through direct involvements into the project activities (field research – good practices and pilot project -, monitoring and focus groups) and through extensive dissemination and exploitation activities. The presence in the consortium of stakeholders representatives will ensure high out-reach capacity to their related networks at both national and European level, activated through targeted dissemination actions identified in a dissemination plan, and including the participation in relevant events in the field. In general 7000 individual will be on average reached through web instruments and communication material, and 10 to 40 persons in each event. A final SALM conference, organised in Portugal with the support of CEPCEP will ensure to reach the wider public, including targeted invitation to most representatives groups. Through the definition of a specific exploitation plan the EU Members States will be reached, with ready-to-use instruments made available online and promoted though targeted dissemination.