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    Dumitru Oana Maria

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   SALM addresses through the perspective of the reduction of the youth unemployment, a very critical subject for the development of our societies, studying: the national qualification frameworks, the adaptation of this system to labour market needs, the identification of the mismatches and the adequate training to avoid these mismatches.

   SALM will use an innovative model (quantitative and qualitative approaches) focusing on: i) detecting the mismatches through the application of case studies belonging to some sectors with potentialities of job creation (senior tourism and social services); ii) detecting the best engagement between employers and the skills systems to aligning skills provision to sectors needs; iii) focus group with the involvement of different stakeholders, namely actors and social partners connected with the school/ training entities and labour market   world, in line of LLL to forecast future competences needed.

   In so doing, SALM adopts a systemic innovative approach, addressing jointly the micro-level of how employers facing the future labour market needs/ competences and the meso-level investigating the actual or potential role of the national qualification frameworks as well as the role of new actors (companies and social partners) in promoting the employability of the young people.

   By analyzing factors of change at both the level, micro and meso, concerning competences needed and the role of  the actors involved, it aims at providing an innovative and comprehensive paradigm of learning, assuring the skill matches necessary to reduce the youth unemployment taking in account the competences needed by the employers  using an  anticipation process through focus group.


Cabinet Individual de Avocat

    "Dumitru Oana Maria"


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