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    Cabinet Individual de Avocat

    Dumitru Oana Maria

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SALM tries to successfully match the young people competences to the labour market needs in senior tourism and social services in order to make possible to achieve the target of EU strategy 2020 of 75% of employment rate and decrease the youth unemployment. In that respect, while each member state is in charge of its own qualification system, coordinated action can help achieve common aims, that is EU actions in improving the competences of young people through adequate education and training systems and provide greater opportunities for people at all stages of their lives, namely through exchanging of good practices and improving and empowering stakeholders participation.

The richness brought by a European consortium lies exactly in the possibility it offers to explore the different approaches of fighting the youth unemployment phenomena across Europe and to benefit from the innovative actions developed in the partner countries. The European labour market transformations are proceeding at different paces and with diversified sectoral approaches according to the job potentialities and competences required. The SALM model and its specific tools will be built on the comparative analysis of the experiences, approaches and practices contributed by each country in the field of fighting the youth unemployment at the light of each qualification system specificities and innovative practices to motivate the young people to improve their participation in LLL and thus raising their employability, self employment and entrepreneurship activities. Moreover, the transnational nature of the consortium will permit to monitor the system in highly different settings, identifying criteria for its transferability and testing its political and institutional viability as a potential European model, equipped with enough flexibility to be adapted to local specificities; those potential good practices and policies can be identified and mainstreamed at European level.


Cabinet Individual de Avocat

    "Dumitru Oana Maria"


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